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Shared Activities in selected category:

Eesti riigikaiste
Adjetivos posesivos
How much, how many
Contable o incontalbe?
How much / How many
1 the hours
Active or passive ?
Passive voice
Simple Present - exercises
Verbos Crusigrama-presente
1 verbos español-ingles-presente part 1
Verbos español-inglés-present part 2
Método de KERNEL
Configuración Electrónica
3 Saludos
2 Verbo %22to be%22
1 Verbo to be : positivo, negatico, interrogativo
4 Adjetivos posesivos
5 Possessive adjectives
Adjetivos demostrativos
3 Pronombre del sujeto y objeto/ Números Cardinales /Ordinales
2 Subject or Object pronoun?
2 A / AN Articulo indeterminado
3 Plurales
Caso posesivo
4 Abjectives
1 Comparative and superlative Adjectives
Personal Pronouns
1 the hours
Elementos de la tabla Periodica
Contable o incontalbe?
There is / There are
2 Superlatives
Verbos español-inglés part 2
4 Simple Present
2 Verbos Crusigrama
verbos español-ingles part 1
3 Crusigrama, Verbos en pasado.
1 Pasado Simple
5 Verbo regular o irregular?
4 Verbos en pasado
2 Verbos Present-Past
8 Irregular verbs k
Some Irregular Verbs
3 Going to
4 Present Continuous
2 Verbos con ING
1 Futuro Simple %22WILL%22
14 Past Perfect
1 Auxiliar CAN
1 Have or Has ?
2 Past participio
3 Present Perfect
6 Uso de already, yet, for y since
4 pasado perfecto
7 Embeded Questions
6 Adjective or Adverb?
5 Modals
4 Passive voice
3 Active or passive ?
2 Conditionals
1 Condicionales%3cidentificar%3e
parts of the sentence
Irregular verbs present perfert
Cadet Guide Quiz