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Shared Activities in selected category:

Words with long u sound
Spelling Group 1- List A (Long Vowel- CVCe)
Fall Crossword
able ible
Word Sort Long A, I, O Review
Word Sort Long A, I, O Review
able ible
Year 2 Long and Short Vowel Sounds
Spelling Example
Year 4 Final k Sound
Ενώνω τα σωστά
Pridruži riječi određenoj koloni IMENICE, GLAGOLI ili PRIDJEVI!
Activity_Filipino Pagbabaybay Version 1.0
T3W2 Word Sort er, ar, or, our
T3W2 Greek Roots son, vis, aud, spect
T3W2 Word Sort Long %27a%27
Eco Salt Photo Bio Word Sort
T3W1: Unaccented Final Syllable -le
T3W1 Silent Consonants Part 2
T3W1: Silent Consonants
Hard %27c%27 sort
Spelling Crossword-Lesson 3
Year 3 Short -a and Long -a (CVCe and CVVC) Word Sort
Sort 2 Adding -ing to Words with VC and VCC Patterns
Sort 3 More Syllable Juncture in VCV and VCCV Patterns
Sort 47 Prefixes dis- mis- pre-
Sort 2 Prefixes (pre-, fore-, post-, after-)
Sort 46 Prefixes (re-, un-)
Sort 12 Syllable Juncture in VCV and VCCV Patterns
Sort 1 VVC, VC, VCC, VCe
Sort 1 Prefixes (in-, un-, dis-, mis-)
ion Words
Long / Short vowel sounds - Word Sort
woorden met ei/ij/au/ou
woorden met ei/ij/au/ou
Sulghäälikute pikkused
Tricky Words Crossword #1
Tricky Words Crossword #1
3rd Grade Plural Activity
Homonyms 4th grade
Prefixes en %26 mis
Prefixes un, re, dis
add s, add es, change y to i %26 add es
add s %26 es
Schwa e and schwa o vowels
Schwa e %26 o Vowels